Express Men | Kris Bryant

At the beginning of the season, Capture This was tapped by Express to create an aspirational piece featuring their brand ambassador Kris Bryant, a player for the Chicago Cubs (a.k.a., the underdogs of baseball). The challenge? How do we surprise and delight die-hard Cubs fans that haven't seen their team win a World Series in over 100 years?

In conjunction with Directors Simon Cave and Luke Lanter, we scripted, produced and developed a concept that touched on the roots of the team, stayed true to Bryant’s rising star status, and spoke to fans ultimate dream for the Cubs––making it to the World Series after a 100-year dry spell.

The aftermath? Not only did the films receive over 3.5 million views, but, 6-months after the films were made, the hypothetical scenarios we created actually came true––Bryant become a world champion along with his team and is now officially the 2016 MVP.


Kris Bryant: Legend in the Making

Kris Bryant: It takes everything